compilers and libraries suck

I have finally found the bug which causes the popper program to crash when porting it to gnome.
Turns out my Make file had duplicate entries for the gnomeui libraries and header files:

`gnome-config gnomeui --libs `

`pkg-config libgnomeui-2.0`

WRT 54 serial mod

Start with a Sun serial converter which is normally thrown out along with the safety notes written in 35 different languages:

Remove the internal rj45 connecting wires:

Disconnected wires will look like this

Dell 9400 ATI catalyst drivers

My Dell 9400 laptop was refusing to come out of hybernation and all other sorts of weird tricks, so as you would expect it was off the ATI website to get new drivers.
Now it seems that ATI don’t like Dell customers using the latest drivers, rather you need to go to the Dell website and download their OEM version, which, of course, is way out of date.

g729 codecs for asterisk

Dont muck around, just get the files from:

Ride into work

I was going to try and ride into work via the Westgate punt tomorrow, but it turns out the punt is closed indefinately on weekdays! I’m guessing I dont need to go to bed early tonight :( />

A while ago I wade up a bike light using the awesome light brain project on the net.
This allows You to ran a high wattage bulb at low power with very high efficiency

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