Installing solaris 10 from linux NFS server

My old Ultra 2 only has a CDROM drive, not a DVD drive.  It doesn't have an IDE bus, and SCSI DVD drives seem to be reasonably rare.

Solaris 10 comes on 7 CDs, and after booting off the first CD there is an option to install over the network for subsequent CDs.

Rather than mucking around burning a heap of CDs, I decided to give this a go.

I mounted the CD iso images under linux, and then exported the loopback mounted CD directories via nfs.

However, attempting to use the exported filesystems gave the following error:

Please specify the path to the network file system from which you will install
Solaris 10 Software 2 for SPARC Platforms.

Example:   server:/path_to_install_area
If you do not wish to install at this time, enter S to skip.
To select a different media, enter B to go Back.
Feb  2 17:49:39 sun nfs: WARNING: NFS server initial call to failed: No such file or directory

Unable to mount network file system. Make sure that the specified path exists
and has been exported.

   <Press ENTER to continue>

Looking at the NFS traffic in wireshark didn't give much help, and some googling indicated the mount problems were due to authentication issues with NFS v4.

Looking around the internet showed a heap of proper solutions involving kerberos, but in the end I just wanted to install Solaris after which I would be disabling the NFS server on my Ubuntu box anyway.

The easy fix is to just disable NFS v4 on the Linux box so it drops back to v3.

You just need to make the nfsd process refuse to use version 4.

The least hacky way to do this is to update the file /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server:


RPCNFSDCOUNT='8 --no-nfs-version 4'


This info is described further on the page where I found it,