Reparing Sunbeam EM6900/EM6910 button and LED panel



  • Two cup LED does not light
  • One cup button does not respond to input



Below is the the status of the board after being removed from the coffee machine.



You can see the "ONE" button is corroded, and the traces above it are also corroded.

The corrosion was caused by water leaking in through the hole above the corroded ONE button.

Replacement parts

Its cold and raining here and I didnt want to go out to get a replacement button.

I pulled apart an old VCR which had similar switches, only the shaft was longer and the switch had 2 pins rather than 4.

As you can see above, the VCR had a smorgsboard of switches to use, so it was possible to r=


Fixed board

Below is the fixed board with the replacement button and track wires.  Its not pretty but it works fine.



Final steps

I covered the board with nail polish around the hole so hopefully if any water gets in again it wont cause corrosion.